Helpful HInts


You must report ALL changes in writing within 10 business days, such as employment, welfare, Social Security, adding or removing people from the household, etc.

You must receive written approval prior to allowing anyone to move into your unit, and you are required to notify CHA of birth, marriage, adoption, court awarded custody, and etc. in writing. All members must have a valid Social Security Card to be added.

You must have zero income when you certified on our zero income form. If you sign a zero income form and staff finds out that you had income, your housing assistance will be terminated.

  • You will be required to attend a re-examination appointment every 90 days. If someone gives you money, for example, to pay utilities bills or if they pay the bills for you, you must report it as income immediately!

If you have a repayment agreement, you must pay your monthly payments on time each month until the balance is paid in full. Payments not received
by the 10th of each month, shall result in the full balance due within 14 calendar days of default notice or your housing assistance will be terminated.

You must pay any and all debts owed to any Housing Authority.

Failure to sign the required consent forms will lead to termination.

You must pay your portion of rent to the landlord/manager when due.

You must attend your annual re-examination appointment or call to reschedule prior to the scheduled date, unless hospitalized, out of town or due to jury sequester. Failure to attend the 2nd appointment will result in termination of your housing assistance.

If you are evicted for cause, you will be terminated from the Section 8 Program.


You must notify Housing Authority at least 30 days, in writing, prior to moving out of your unit.

You cannot move “prior” to giving written notice to your landlord AND getting our approval, even for the same complex! This means the housing specialist must give you written approval by issuing a Housing Choice Voucher.

You cannot be absent from your unit for more than 30 days without CHA’s prior written approval, and never more than 180 days. Violations will lead to termination of your housing assistance.


You cannot have visitors for more than 14 consecutive days or 30 days in a 12 month period without CHA and your landlord/manager’s written approval.

Family members or guests may not participate in any drug related or criminal activities which would be grounds for termination of your housing


Most Common Fail Conditions –

You or someone 18 or older must be home for your annual HQS Inspection.

Non-Functional smoke detectors.

Missing or cracked electric outlet cover plates.

Railings not present where required.

Peeling exterior and interior paint.

Tripping hazards caused by permanently installed floor coverings (carpet/vinyl).

Cracked or broken window panes.

Inoperable bathroom fan/no ventilation.

Leaking faucets or plumbing.

No temperature/pressure relief valves on water heaters.

You must ensure power, gas and water are sustained and maintained in your unit at all times, or your housing assistance will be terminated. If utilities are off, you will only have 24 hours to get them back on to prevent termination of your Housing Choice Voucher.

If the landlord is responsible, they will have 24 hours to restore services. If they fail to comply, we will cancel their contract.

Notify your landlord/manager in writing when items need repair and notify your Housing Specialist, if repairs are not made in a timely manner.


If you are receiving TANF, and lose assistance due to fraud or failure to comply with economic sufficiency programs, CHA will not decrease your portion of rent. CHA will verify the reason.

Side Payment: It is illegal for you to make side payments to the owner for rent above the amount approved by CHA. Violations will lead to termination of your housing assistance.

Submitting false information will be cause for termination of your housing assistance.

We DO NOT tolerate any threatening or verbally abusive behavior towards any CHA staff. This behavior will result in your housing assistance being terminated.


CHA provides all participants who are terminated with the right to a hearing. It is your responsibility to request a informal hearing in writing, within 10 calendar days from the date of your termination notice.