Request for Rent Adjustments/Change in Utilities

Landlords may request a rent increase once per year. Rent increase requests must be received by the CHA not later than 60 days prior to the increase request date. The rent increase forms must be signed by the family.

Any rent increase request received with less than a 60 notice, or that are missing the family’s signature, will be denied.

To help make sure your requests are submitted on time, please refer to the Rent Increase/Change of Utilities Submission Deadline below.

Effective Date of Rent IncreaseSubmission Deadline
January 1stNovember 1st
February 1stDecember
March 1stJanuary 1st
April 1stFebruary 1st
May 1stMarch 1st
June 1stApril 1st
July 1stMay 1st
August 1stJune 1st
September 1stJuly 1st
October 1stAugust 1st
November 1stSeptember 1st
December 1stOctober 1st


  • All rent increase requests are subject to a rent reasonableness analysis. The owner may attach supporting unassisted units with market rates/comparables documentation to this request to assist in the rent determinations.
  • Rent increases will not be approved unless any failed items identified by the most recent HQS inspection have been corrected.
  • The owner will be notified of the determination by email or in writing.


Request for Rent Increase/Change of Utilities