Request for Rent Adjustments/Change in Utilities

Owners/Landlords must notify the Housing Authority in writing, at a minimum of 60 days in advance of your intent to increase the rent, or change in utility responsibilities, and the amount/changes.

The rent/utility change cannot be increased/changed during the initial 12 months of occupancy in the assisted unit; the requested amount must be rent reasonable according to market comparability and it cannot be any more than an unassisted unit.


  • All rent increase requests are subject to a rent reasonableness analysis. The owner may attach supporting unassisted units with market rates/comparables documentation to this request to assist in the rent determinations.
  • Rent increases will not be approved unless any failed items identified by the most recent HQS inspection have been corrected.
  • The owner will be notified of the determination by email or in writing.


Request for Rent Increase/Change of Utilities